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Cisco Spark New Features August 2016

Hunt Group Members can now monitor their Log In & Log Out Status!

What does this mean for you?

As you know, Hunt Group members are able to log in & out of the Hunt Groups depending on their availability to take calls. Previously, this log in & out capability was being supported through a Hunt Group Softkey. We have enhanced this functionality by delivering this capability through a feature key.

This means users can now press the Hunt Group feature key to log in/out. An Amber LED will be lit up when a Hunt Group member is in the logged in state. If that member logs out, the Amber LED will not be present.

Please Note:

  • The Hunt Group Feature Key is only supported on phone models which have the necessary feature keys. This excludes the 7811, 7821, & 7841 models. For those phone models (and all phone models in fact), members can still log in and log out using the Hunt Group Softkey.

Voicemail to Email is now available for Cisco Spark Call!

What does this mean for you?

Now when you receive a Voicemail on your Spark Call Endpoint you will also receive an Email. This email will include an attached sound file of the received Voicemail! To listen to the Voicemail, simply open the attachment contained in the email.

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