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NonStop Watch Managed Network Services

Network Probe

Remote network probes give unprecedented insight into end user application experience.  With the ability to monitor wireless, DNS, HTTP, ICMP, Traceroute and more, you will know if there are critical application issues from one site or all sites in a single dashboard.  

Network monitoring software for fault, performance and availability monitoring

Quickly detect, diagnose, and resolve network performance issues and avoid downtime with network optimization software

  • CPU / Memory

  • Virtualization Monitoring

  • Wireless

  • Routing Alerts

  • Hardware Health

Linux Server Application Monitoring

Configuration Management

Recover quickly from hardware faults and human-caused configuration errors.

Immediately know when any configuration change occurs, and what was changed.

WAN and VoIP QoS performance monitoring

Monitor Cisco IP SLA for Voice and Network Performance

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NonStop Watch Managed Services provide

the people, processes and tools necessary

to monitor, manage and maintain your

enterprise infrastructure 24/7 —

specifically WAN, LAN, WLAN and telecom

network operations.

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