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Productivity Tip #57: Cut out the Voicemail Garbage

How many messages by noon?

You get into the office on Monday, check your voicemail one by one to find out what's important and what's not. By noon you have 23 more messages to check. What a waste of time listening to vendors sell to you over voicemail. (Author excluded of course… :-) )

There has got to be a better way

The ability to check only the important messages narrows that 23 down to 3. I'm not talking about the simple urgent flag or high priority the person leaving the message can set. The average message is 1 minute long. Congratulations, you just got back 20 minutes of your lunch break because you viewed all your messages and who they were from before wasting time listening to all of them.

The Payoff...

Implementing a messaging system that allows you to prioritize voicemails will save you time. Most people already have e-mail up during the day and can listen to messages from your computer, forward them to co-workers, etc. You just shut down you're pc for the day, no problem. Your voicemail system allows you to scroll through a graphical interface, see who's call and if you need to listen to their message. Now go to lunch…Don't spend it in the office listening to sales messages.


An enormous amount of productivity is lost listening to messages in sequential order. Get your lunch hour back, leave on time and cut out the voicemail garbage.

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