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Sticky Note Messaging Method

Are you using the Sticky Note Messaging Method?

You know, Look at your computer monitor and your co-worker's computer monitor. See all those colored sticky notes with important customer messages. Most of use have a note pad right beside us to take down important information while we're on the phone, then forget where we put it or to pass the message to the recipient. Messages from important clients or potential prospects that are not returned or answered quickly lead to customer dissatisfaction and lost revenue.

What is your messaging strategy?

How do you want your business to interact with customers? Do you want people to communicate directly with your staff, have first contact with a receptionist who takes messages or even have the ability to leave a message during business hours?

Accomplishing your messaging strategy.

If your customers should always make contact with a person, don't use voicemail during business hours. Avoid lost messages by removing sticky notepads from your desk. This will force you to keep electronic notes that can be immediately sent using e-mail. Direct customers into a voicemail box that is monitored 24x7 via a physical light on the phone, text alerts, calls to cell or home phone or e-mail alerts. This will ensure messages are never lost or not responded to. Don't forget about faxes, they can be sent directly to your e-mail as well.


Sticky notes are convenient but lead to lost messages and revenue. Determine the optimal way for customers to interact with your business and speak with your trusted adviser on how to accomplish that goal. Technology is your friend and will enable you to meet your business objectives.

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