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Don't Run Your Business Like the Krusty Krab

If you have ever watched Sponge Bob Square Pants, you know how inefficient the Krusty Krab runs. What if there was a way for Mr. Krab's to increase employee productivity, improve customer satisfaction and increase revenue?

First, Mr. Krab's is always running out of his office checking the kitchen and cash register. If he had a Cisco IP Video Surveillance system, he could manage up to 16 Cameras and see what is going on right from his color ip phone. Add the 2-way audio and he could tell Squidward to get back to work from his desk, while counting his money.

Second, the staff is constantly being side-tracked by signing and dancing (Sponge Bob) or falling asleep on the job (Squidward). Only if Mr. Krabs had a system to alerts his staff of daily task that needed to occur, rather than spending his time keeping them on track. With IPCelerate integrated into the Cisco Small Business Communications Systems, he could add daily task management with escalation alerts if they are not completed.

Finally, How does Mr. Krabs keep track of Sponge Bob and Squidward's time? With an integrated time clock in the Cisco UC500 Office in a Box, Time Clock is a free add-in. He would be assured that only the time worked is paid for and have a way to track breaks, lunch, export data into Quickbooks and have an at-a-glance view of hours worked.


We all know how cheap Mr. Krabs is. The Cisco Small Business Communications System (i.e UC500) is an all-in-one office in a box that includes your network, voice, video, wireless and security that won't break the bank.

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