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Three VoIP Applications for Your Business - Part I

There has to be an easier way. Are you struggling with day to day operations and know there has to be something that can make simple task easier?

This series will provide information on solutions to automate routine day to day tasks.

1. Staff Management

Time Clock - Toss the manual time clock and have your employees punch in digitally on an IP Phone, record lunch and breaks. Their hours can be viewed on the phone or emailed to them. Their manager and payroll can also view hours. Hours worked can be exported into excel, csv or Quickbooks format.

  • Scheduling - How do your employees ask for time off or get their schedule? Automate vacation requests and approvals with a VoIP System and IP Phone.

2. Task Management

Do you have a high turn-over rate and continually train new employees? Automate routine task by setting alerts to display on your IP Phone.

  • Escalation alerts to management can be configured when employees do not acknowledge or complete task.

3. Reminders / Notifications

How do you notify employees of office closures or delayed openings? Automate pre-recorded calls with a Voice over IP System.

  • It is time consuming and expensive to have full time staff making appointment reminder calls to clients or patients.


Hopefully this blog gave you some ideas on how Voice over IP Applications can assist in enabling your business to be successful through technology.

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