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Do you track what is running or added to your network?

Many businesses don't track who or what is being added to their network. This is a huge concern considering the number of PC's that don't have antivirus or are not patched with the latest software fixes. Do you want a customer or client bringing viruses or worms into your network? While there are several ways to prevent devices being added to your network, many businesses, especially small businesses, don't have the resources to implement them. What if there was a way to track new devices being added to your network? Solarwinds Orion IP Address Manager (IPAM) keeps track of your IP Addresses, scans for new addresses and has built in reporting capability. It also integrates with SolarWinds Orion Network Management Suite. IP Address Tracker is a standalone IP Address Management Product for Small Business. It allows quick scans of IP Address Space. The cost? $0. It is a scaled down version of IPAM but does allow you to see what is on your network, so long as the device allows ICMP or PING request.

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