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Business Automation - Part I - Healthcare

Healthcare Business Automation uses technology to perform business functions without manual intervention. Automating any part of your day to day routine will save you time, money and frustration. Unified Communications and Voice over IP Applications allow Healthcare to automate daily business functions from the front desk to appointment reminders to after-hours answering service and more. Physician VoIP Applications

  • Patient Experience - automated sign-in, patient status alerts, automated messaging on waiting room phones

  • Patient Management - dial-out for appointment reminders, matter code validation, video notes to patients

  • Clinic Productivity – visual video collaboration between doctors, call recording, message alerting

  • 911 Notifications for Emergency Situations

  • Automated Dial Out capabilities for client reminders (appointment, payment, collection, office closings). Don't spend hours of your day manually calling clients.

How would I know if Business Automation can help my business?

  1. Would interacting with applications on your Cisco IP phone in a way you already do on your cellphone and PC make using the phones more familiar to you? (IPsmartSuite Dashboards give the same icon-oriented look and feel as many of the hottest cell and Smartphone technology out today.)

  2. Would automating your patient appointment reminder process streamline your clinic and save valuable time and money? (Do away with the manual process of calling patients to remind them of their Doctor appointment. IPsmartSuite includes a Calendar application to set-up appointments and generate automatic reminder calls to patient home/cell numbers by specific dates and times.)

  3. Would being notified when a new patient checks into the clinic when the front desk is unattended assist in streamlining your clinic processes? (The Lobby phone dashboard acts as a kiosk for patient check-in and alerts doctors and staff of arrival with corresponding patient information on their Cisco IP Phone LCD.)

  4. Would being able to view when new patients have arrived (early, late) through your Cisco IP phone speed the patient viewing process? (i.e. Patient visit ends early, from the examination room the Doctor views a new patient has arrived early and can now see them. Ability to see additional walk ins leading to maximizing revenue potential.)

  5. Would recording phone calls at the touch of an icon on your Cisco IP Phone be important to you? (Record conversations for transcription, training, legal purposes, safety or just to capture critical information. Calls can be recorded all the time or on-demand, capturing the conversation from the beginning even when initiated in mid-conversation.- 2 Channels included. Additional hardware required for 10/25/50 Channels.)

  6. Would sending priority messages and notification (Zone Paging) to your staffs Cisco IP Phones help make employees more productive and streamline intra-clinic communication? (Inform your staff about ongoing emergency situations, waiting patients, deliveries, task deadlines or even free donuts in the kitchen. Simple to use and integrated audio, text, pre-recorded audio/text and text-to-speech paging to the Cisco IP Phone makes intra-clinic communication simple and keeps all employees informed. Keep your staff informed throughout the day with messaging. Personalized messages can be sent to an individual or a group, and can be real-time or scheduled.)

  7. Would tracking and/or billing a patient for calls with subject matter experts at the touch of an icon on their Cisco IP be important to you to ensure proper billing and maximize revenue otential? (IPsmartSuite provides simple to use patient matter codes to prove billing of calls about patients to subject matter experts for insurance company billing purposes. Track and manage your billing ctivities per patient, including office visits, tests, immunizations, medications and other procedures.)

  8. When 911 is dialed or in the event of a physical emergency or threat does your clinic have a wayto quickly notify all employees of this event and the actions they should take? (Be informed about emergencies as soon as they happen by receiving alerts at your desk phone as soon as an emergency call is placed from any Cisco phone to an emergency number. i.e. 911 in US, 999 in UK, 112 in EU and 000 in AUS.)

  9. Would automating the manual/call-tree process for delivering mass messaging to your patient list enhance clinic/patient communications? (The integrated dial-out option provides the capability to automatically call-out to a list of phone numbers with pertinent information. Use this to announce inclement weather closures, special fundraising or lecture events, holiday wishes or medical alerts.)

  10. Would you like to create vibrant audio/visual advertisements on the Cisco IP Phone to deliver information to patients? (Notify patients of new medical alerts, provide safety tips, promote new procedures or feature doctor profiles. The iAlbum feature in the Lobby dashboard allows you to create a scrolling advertisement from the Cisco IP phone.)

Summary The cost isn't prohibitive, but ensure you work with your trusted Unified Communications Advisor during production selection. They will be able to convert your business objectives and existing system short-falls into your ideal technology solution.

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