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Time Clocking Money Saver

Inaccurate Time Reporting Impacts Your Bottom Line

Small business have many methods to track time from an old punch clock to spreadsheets to the honor system. Time cards get lost, hours misreported, not to mention break and lunch times. Inaccurate time reporting lead to lost revenue to both the employee and employer and dissatisfaction on both sides.

Determine the Impact

How much time on a weekly basis to you spend calculating employee hours? As a business owner, your time is money. Multiple the number of hours recording hours into your payroll system by your hourly rate. Lets not mention how many extra hours get clocked by employees rounding up to the nearest 15 minutes. Start looking at automating employee time clock functions allow accurate management of employee hours including start, breaks, lunch and end of day.

Start saving today

You've decided to get back the 2-4 hours of your week imputing hours into your payroll system and accurately record employees hours down to the minute, using automation. You're next payroll week goes like this. 1) Employees login into an IP Phone with their UserID and PIN when they arrive to work. 2) They clock out during breaks and lunch. 3) They clock out at the end of the day. 4) Both employee and employer can view hours worked on the phone and send a copy to their e-mail address. 5) Employer exports time card data from the system into Quickbooks, excel, csv or pdf format. Every minute is accurately recorded and easily exported electronically.


The ability to automate any part of your business, down to time tracking, not only simplifies your life as a business owner, but also tracks payroll expenses and increases employees satisfaction. Determine the impact inaccurate time reporting has to your business and talk to your trusted advisor about ways to mitigate the impact.

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