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The Power of Voice over IP Applications

Every business has at least one of the following general objectives.

  1. Increased Productivity

  2. Be more Efficient

  3. Decrease Cost

  4. Increase Revenue.

Voice over IP applications have endless capabilities to do just that, all from your phone and without turning on your computer!

Common VoIP Applications

  • Automated Dial out capabilities for client reminders (appointment, payment, collection, office closings). Don't spend hours of your day manually calling clients.

  • Album - Provide revenue generating advertisement, show case your products, training, employee roster, etc

  • Client Billing - Ensure every second of your phone calls are tracked and billed to the correct client. On average, 30 minutes of your day is not billed. That's 120 hours a year! What is your hourly bill rate?

  • Call Recording - Record important phone calls even after you hang up the phone, book mark and comment different parts of each conversation

  • Safety Alerts - Alert office of emergency

  • RSS Feeds and Weather

  • Clock In / Clock Out


  • Automate patient checking by turning the IP Phone into a kiosk

  • Patient Management - Prerecorded appointment reminders

  • Call Recording for Dictation and e-mail wav file to transcription office


  • Client Billing - Client matter entry and phone call validations.

  • Firm-Client Interaction - Appointment and billing reminders from the firm to the client using the dial-out application.

  • Firm Productivity - Call coverage for status visual on employees.


  • Task Management - List daily task for employees at set times, check off when completed. Escalate to manager when task is not completed.

  • Employee Recognition Send employees alerts to recognize outstanding performance.

General Office and Manufacturing

  • Encompasses the majority of the applications listed above.


"IPsmartSuite is a ‘business-intelligent’ communications solution for the challenges facing small business. It is an out-of-the box, easy to deploy and manage solution aimed at small companies who do not have an IT staff. IPsmartSuite streamlines everyday business processes used by small companies. IPsmartSuite uses the IP Phone to manage daily functions such as staffing, task management, payroll controls, billing, appointment reminders – even emergency response."

Aaron Magruder (816) 566-0017

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